Mar 2 2014

Curing genital warts

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I have had genital warts for many years now and never found a product that really helped me with my problem. However now I have gotten my my confidence back!

You see, about six months ago a friend recommended me to try Wartrol and while I had heard of the brand, I had kind of given up finding anything that would help me long-term, I had never really looked into it before.

Around 8 days after ordering the package arrived. With some of the products I tried before I had experienced some initial effects with the warts coming back later, but somehow Wartol seems to work differently. It was rather quite the opposite. At first I didn't see any noticable difference but with my friend's words ringing in my ears I kept spraying it and after maybe two weeks the magic started to happen. I can't say how and the why, but IMHO Wartrol is the best at fighting the virus from the inside-out - it seems to attack the genital warts, albeit at a slower, though arguably more effective pace.

How hard is it to use you might ask? Just two sprays three times a day get these ingredients into your bloodstream.

I stopped using it after three months - meaning I haven't used it in over two months - and I have no problems these days at all! Just can't believe it!

So give it a try yourself, read up more on Wartol here



Louis P Canada says:

Thanks for your honest review, Jeffrey. It's easy to feel embarassed but good to know there are natural remedies...

Leon Klein United States says:

Weird, I've had warts myself over a year ago and Wartrol didn't help me, I'll check what I used and come back with the name of it.

Leon Klein United States says:

Sorry I was wrong...It was indeed Wartrol! So, I can also recommend it!

Michael Brooks United States says:

ok, just ordered three months supply of it.

waltzie United States says:

Wartrol is the only alternative for a long term solution imho. With other products it just keeps coming back.

qarr United States says:

Thanks. I might at least give it a try,,,

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